Ing. Andrea Carpi

BioEngineering & Innovation

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About me

I am a graduate Master's Degree Biomedical Engineer at Politecnico di Milano University.

I have a classical background since I studied Latin, Ancient Greek and Philosophy at school. I love challenges. I started coding when I was 14 and I haven't stopped since. Recently I attended the NASA Space Apps Challenge and our project AirHive received the global nomination!

Master in Biomedical Engineering
(110/110 with honours)
Politecnico di Milano
Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering
(110/110 with honours)
Politecnico di Milano
Classical high school diploma
Liceo Classico G.D.Romagnosi
I proudly worked for
What can I do for you?

IT consulting

I will help your business growing up by implementing the latest technologies on your products.

Case study: WeAreStudents

End-to-End Projects

I can develop your ideas and make them real.

Case study: AirHive

Custom Websites

Personal websites, business cases, landing pages, AdSense Campaign and SEO Optimization.

Case study: Ottica Medioli
To create the best projects, you need the best tools.
Web development (Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack)
Mobile Apps development
Analytics, SEO and Marketing Campaigns
Data analysis and Machine Learning
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